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Waiheke Radio is a not-for-profit, non-commercial Community radio service on Waiheke Island. The station offers the facilities, advice, training and technical support for individuals and groups to create and broadcast their own media and radio programmes. Waiheke's population has distinct and diverse needs and interests arising from the island's geographical isolation, mix of rural and suburban lifestyle, and broad demographic range and is arguably not well served by radio transmitted solely from Auckland. The Waiheke Community Radio Trust established Waiheke Radio as a not-for-profit, community radio service for Waiheke in 2008 and began broadcasting on two Low Power FM transmitters later that year. One of the transmitters was paid for from a grant from the Waiheke Community Board. A community lease has also been secured in the Artworks complex in Oneroa after pressure was put on Auckland Council by members of the Waiheke Community board who lobbied for a month-to-month lease to be granted to the trust.

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