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RDU Live Sessions is a radio series that showcases the talents of the A Radio Station in Christchurch NEW ZEALAND. STATION 5 RDU Radio Stations.

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What channel is RDU on the radio?

RDU is on 98.5 FM.

What frequency is RDU?

The RDU frequency is 98.5 FM.

What is on RDU now?

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What Music genre does RDU play?

Community and news. Eclectic and news. News and news.

RDU 98.5 FM Christchurch RDU 98.5 FM Christchurch from New Zealand
RDU 98.5 fm. A Radio Station in Christchurch NEW ZEALAND. Rolling since 1976, RDU98.5fm is now the only bastion of alternative radio in Christchurch.